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Cover Stories
Charitable competitions produce remarkable feats of Canstruction®
A former carny kid casts an insider's eye on the world's most famous beach amusement park
Upon examining recent advances in speed-eating techniques, we would like to offer you the following advice...
Having a father who earned his living selling popcorn at carnivals made life a lot more interesting than school
If a summer on the road teaches one lesson, it's that carnival work isn't all fun and games
An Empire State carousel maker's dream machine is almost set to spin
For one fairground art collector it's always a banner year
Searching for the spirit of the great escape artist in his American hometown
Sleuthing the mysteries of Gillette's Castle in Connecticut
Historic Preservation
A developer has plans for a former asylum beside Manhattan
Are Quonsets, steel hangar-like huts left over from WW II, worth preserving?
Milled logs of northern white pine from Quebec's Outaouais forest and a holistic design system that originated in India come together in a Vedic-style chalet in the cornfields of Iowa
A city girl finds a new lifestyle, a new career, and recognition as an artist in a picturesque mountain town
Stories for Children
"A tribute to the role of the bicycle in women's history...humorously told...wittily illustrated," Children's Book Bulletin (UK)
A gem of early modernism by the Japanese Dadaist Inagaki Taruho


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Writer, Journalist, Blogger, Social Media Manager

When I was the littlest carny kid with Colbert's Fiesta, I was a pro at calling people in to play my Mom's Balloon Dart. Today I'm a New York-based writer who has successfully pitched hundreds of story ideas to the editors of national magazines. My articles have appeared in such consumer magazines as Art & Antiques, Islands, and Travel + Leisure, as well as the amusement industry trade publications Amusement Business and IAAPA Funworld and custom magazines produced by Pace Communications and Haymarket Publishing.

I've worked as a contributing editor of Games (“The Magazine for Creative Minds at Play®") and a contributing writer for the National Trust's Preservation and Luxury Log Homes & Timber Frame and Country's Best Log Homes. Excerpts from my carnival memoir-in-progress have been published in Boston Review, Provincetown Arts and Yankee.

My specialties include travel, the arts, and quirky subjects that evoke the razzle-dazzle of the midway. To read an archived feature on Coney Island's sideshow, Nathan's hot-dog eating contest, the Great Houdini and more, click on the article's title or the Publications link above. You'll find links to cover stories and archived features on art and attractions, historic preservation, architecture, and unusual travel destinations.

I’ve worked as a literary scout in New York for the Japanese publisher Shueisha and translated One Thousand and One-Second Stories (Issen ichibyo monogatari) by the Japanese Dadaist Inagaki Taruho. The Ten-Woman Bicycle, a children's book, was excerpted in Ms. and published by feminist presses in England, Holland and Sweden. My work has been translated into seven languages.

From 2009-2016, I wrote and published the blog Amusing the Zillion: A former carny kid casts an insider's eye on the amusement business, Coney Island, and fun places in between. It became a leading source for news about Coney Island, garnering frequent mention of “as first reported by” and links to all of the New York dailies and local blogs.

I also work as a social media manager for businesses and organizations, providing original content and creating and maintaining Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts as well as blogs. Current and past clients include the Coney Island History Project, Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, Empire State Fair and State Fair Meadowlands.