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The Ten-Woman Bicycle

Swedish edition


"An amusing look at 'emancipation,' in which one sees what wonders resourcefulness, tenacity and independence can lead to… The drawings are simple and sparkling." ---Utrecht Daily News (Holland)

"It's funny to think that riding a bike ---a thing that women and girls take so much for granted---played an almost symbolic role in the movement for the emancipation of women, with an impact on both female mobility and female dress. The Ten-Woman Bicycle pays a tribute to the role of the bicycle in women's history… humorously told…wittily illustrated---Rosemary Stones, Children's Book Bulletin (UK)

"The Ten-Woman Bicycle reaches back to a 19th-century bicycle factory to reveal that there have always been women who are clever, mighty and brave. By introducing female counterparts to the awesome likes of…Thomas Edison, these new legends bring sex equity to our dreams of greatness."
---Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Stories for Free Children (US)

"A genuine feminist storybook… The heroic tale of ten women who invent a bicycle for ten and then start their own factory--- a very charming, socially-conscious fairytale."---Gooi En Eemlander (Holland)

"A satisfying allegory of ingenuity and solidarity."
---The Tribune (UK)

"All the ingredients that should be in a tale… and in addition, it's very charming. It becomes a parable about united feminist action."
---Netherlands Commerce Journal

"A fairytale-like story for children… to teach them in an amusing way how strong women can be when working together."---Volkskrant (Holland)

"It seemed a good idea to approach Stories for Free Children (written for parents and children to enjoy together) from a double perspective, nine-year-old Maja's and mine… The first part of [the book] is called 'Fables and Fairytales for Everyday Life' We both liked a number of tales in this section…'The Ten-Woman Bicycle' is about the cleverness of women workers in a bicycle factory: As Maja said,'There's a moral to this story too, if you make a mistake, keep on trying. Their mistake was to ride singly. But the best part is that when the bicycle went through the village it looked like a meteor.'"
---Erika Munk & Maja Denitch Munk, Village Voice (US)

"In London, I found a small book titled The Ten-Woman Bicycle…a very profound and delightful story…Furthermore, a feminist press has published it with their own hands."
---Miyoko Fujieda, Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan)